Kenny and Penny

Kenny & Penny

Hi, we’re Kenny and Penny, and we’re the Penicuik penguins! We’ve an eye for quality and a beak for a bargain.

You’ll see us pottering about the website, making ourselves at home. It’s a lot more hospitable than the Antarctic, and the deals are hotter too!

We do miss some of our old penguin chums, but we send them postcards and are trying to get them to invest in a conservatory – they really make a nest a home.

We do get back sometimes though – Penny’s an air-hostess so she gets cheap flights. Who says penguins can’t fly!

Penny’s the sensible one with money, as if it were down to me I’d just buy loads of fish. Mmmm fish.

See you in the site!

Or, if you’d like to hear about what we’re getting up to, waddle over to our blog.

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