Saving energy. Saving money

We consider fitting great quality double glazed windows to be a good investment for our customers. Not only do they improve the appearance of your home – potentially making it more desirable for future buyers, but a well fitted, superior product can only be good for your home’s insulation, your energy bills and the environment.

Energy efficient

We have a range of systems available including double glazed windows with an Energy Rating of A – meaning they are manufactured to provide particularly high levels of thermal insulation. Whatever product you choose, our commitment to excellence and the environment means we undergo a continuous process of evaluation and improvement in all our designs and quality testing to ensure our products maximise solar heat retention within the property, whilst minimising thermal air loss.

Combined with high performance double glazed, co-extruded units and weatherproof seals, the complete system will provide you with a thermal efficient product and outstanding protection against adverse weather conditions.

Our windows as well as conservatories have specially coated glass which can reflect heat back inside to help reduce heat loss and keep your energy consumption minimal. In addition, polycarbonate roof sheeting features Heatguard to deflect up to 30% of heat build-up from solar radiation in summer and provide superb thermal insulation in winter.

Because our systems are designed to provide high levels of energy efficiency, you’ll benefit from reduced carbon emissions – which should contribute to lowering your heating bills.

Environmentally friendly

Penicuik window and conservatory profiles use manufacturing processes designed to minimise impact on the environment. All of the production is confined to the UK, thereby minimising transportation and fuel consumption and ensuring you get the highest standard of products that are still eco friendly.

Penicuik uPVC profiles are manufactured to the highest specifications. When combined with energy-efficient double glazed units, Penicuik systems either meet or exceed all current building regulations and provide excellent thermal protection against the loss of heat from your home.

The uPVC used in Penicuik windows is thermal plastic, which means it can be repeatedly melted down and reformed, or recycled easily and cost-effectively. Throughout the manufacturing process of our products we recycle everything we can – re-creating everything from cills to panes.

Throughout the whole manufacturing and supply process we aim to guarantee customers a quality product of the highest standards, with the lowest cost to the environment.

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