The easiest way to offset the price of improving your home

We have partnered with to help you save money on everyday purchases from thousands of top UK brands.

According to the Office of National Statistics Survey 2016, the average household spends £528.90 every week. CashbackApp is a service that allows you to save hundreds of pounds on your household spend by earning cashback on some of these purchases.

As someone looking to improve their home with a free quote from Penicuik, we’ll pre-load £5 onto your CashbackApp account* as a thank you for considering Penicuik and to help you start saving today.

How can I start collecting cashback?

Download CashbackAPP onto your device

Go to your app store/marketplace and download CashbackAPP for free, or visit, ensuring you use your promo code when you register. Your promo code will be revealed when you request a free, no-obligation quote from Penicuik using the form below.

Register your card(s)

Securely register your frequently used bank card(s) in the app – you don’t want to miss out on automatic cashback where it’s available. Note: CashbackApp’s security protocols are encrypted and card details will never be shared with anyone.

Collect free cashback

As soon as you reach £50, you can withdraw your cashback. You’ll pay a £20 fee on your first annual withdrawal, then every withdrawal thereafter is free. You will not pay a fee if you don’t collect any cashback.

Start earning cashback today

To claim your free CashbackAPP promo code and start using the service today, request a free, no-obligation online quote from Penicuik – simply fill in your details below to reveal your code and start earning cashback!

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