Get your garden Autumn ready

Get your garden Autumn ready

Summer is almost over and Autumn is just around the corner. The cooler, shorter days make gardening less appealing and many may be likely to neglect the garden, but there are some important jobs that need to be done before the colder winter months set in. We’ve had a look at a few to get you started.

Tidy the lawn

Your lawn will need a good final cut before the colder, wetter months set in. Giving it a good cut down just before autumn is the perfect time to keep it looking tidy throughout the winter months.

Clearing your lawn of any fallen leaves regularly is an important job to keep on top of. If leaves are left into the wetter months, they will turn to mulch and become slippery under foot, not to mention a bit of an eye sore!

Protect your plants

Keeping your plants protected from the frosty winter weather is important to their survival. Bringing any vulnerable plants in doors to a greenhouse, shed or conservatory will ensure they aren’t damaged by the cold.

Ensuring you protect your used and unused plant pots is also an important part of preparing for the colder months. Keeping your unused pots insulated with cardboard or bubble wrap will ensure they don’t get damaged in the cold weather. Raising all used pots off the ground will avoid them getting waterlogged.

Have a tidy up

Tidying all your garden furniture and other items away at this time of year will avoid any damage by the weather. If you have larger items like a barbecue that won’t fit into the shed, ensure they are sufficiently covered to avoid any water damage.

Tidying up your shrubs and trees before autumn will ensure your garden looks tidy all winter. Giving the greenery a quick trim and tie back will keep them looking healthy and well kept with little effort.

Do some planting

If you like some pretty daffodils and tulips in the spring months, this is the time to prepare for next year. Planting bulbs in early autumn will give your garden the best chance of being in beautiful full bloom next spring.

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