How To Clean Sash Windows

The cleaning of windows on the upper levels of your home is a job that’s normally left to your local window cleaner, but if you have upgraded your windows to uPVC Sash Windows, you can safely clean the glass from inside your home.

The sashes slide vertically up and down with the counterbalance mechanism allowing the window to be held open in any position, so cleaning and maintenance is a doddle! Penny has been doing her fair share of summer cleaning these last few days and, by following our guide on how to clean sash windows, has been left with gleaming windows all around the igloo.

You will need

First thing’s first, you will need to make sure that you have the correct equipment before you get started – you certainly don’t want to ruin the glass or frames of your sash windows.

A clean cloth should be used to wipe down any window surfaces, and please make sure to avoid anything harsh or abrasive as it can scratch the frames and glass.

You will need a simple cleaning solution made up of warm water and a mild detergent such as Fairy Liquid. Please avoid harsh cleaners like white spirit, bleach, methylated spirits, nail varnish remover and WD40 as these can damage your windows. If your windows have very stubborn stains, you can use a specialist PVC solvent or cream cleaner to remove these.


Step one:
Slide the bottom sash up and pull the tilt knobs towards the centre of the sash. Gently pull the window towards you, locking it into place once happy with its tilted position.

Step two:
Repeat this on the top sash by pulling it down, tilting it towards you and locking it into place.

Step three:
Wipe over the uPVC frames with your soft cloth and soapy solution, working from the top of the sash to the bottom of the sash. Repeat this on the glass, using either soapy water or a water based glass cleaner.

Step four:
Close both sashes, step back, and admire your great work!

There you have it, four easy steps to make your uPVC sash windows look as good as new again. It is recommended that you give your windows some attention at least two or three times a year to keep them dazzling white and in the best possible condition, and now is a great time to do it as the summer weather is being a bit kinder to us.

Love, Kenny x

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