Playtime at Edinburgh Zoo!

Playtime at Edinburgh Zoo!

Good afternoon everyone – I hope you’re having a fantastic Monday! Our panda and meerkat friends at Edinburgh Zoo have been having a great time thanks to the recent introduction of new enrichment toys, and you can now see this for yourself as new footage has emerged on YouTube.

The Zoo’s meerkat family have been having so much fun in their new coloured ball pit, while Tian Tian and Yang Guang, the giant pandas, have now warmed up to their large and colourful bobbins.

Alison Maclean, Team Leader for Giant Pandas and Carnivores, said: “As well as being great fun for visitors to watch, enrichment plays an important role in the lives of the animals at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, providing extra stimulation that helps them to demonstrate natural, species-typical behaviour and to enhance their physical and physiological well-being. We create our enrichment programmes with each individual species’ natural behaviours in mind.

“Hidden within the meerkat’s ball pits are grubs that they forage for and problem solve to find, whilst the coloured drums contain a ball that makes a curious sound when the pandas roll them around. We were particularly delighted to see Tian Tian the female giant panda pulling her bobbin into her off-show den, something she only does with things she really likes. The bobbins have been created in American for bears to play with and we had them imported especially for our giant pandas.”

You can see the giant pandas and meerkats interacting with their new toys here.

Love, Kenny x