System boilers

System Boilers

If you live in a home with more than one bathroom or require more hot water than can be provided by a combi boiler, then a system boiler could be your perfect heating and hot water solution.

Save up to £400 right now with our boiler scrappage scheme. Plus, our A-Rated boilers you could save up to £490 per year on energy!*
Key benefits of system boilers
  • Economical to run and kinder to the environment because a system boiler uses less fuel
  • Neater, easier and quicker installation because most major components of the heating and hot water system are already built in
  • No feed or expansion cistern in the loft saves space and eliminates the risk of any leaks or frost damage to pipes and tanks
  • Main’s pressure hot water at all hot tap outlets reduces need for a power show
  • Outputs between 15-32kW satisfy the heat and hot water requirements of any size property, regardless of the number of bathrooms
  • Our masterful fitters are Gas Safe accredited, so you can rest assured that your home is in the best hands.
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