Features & Benefits

  • Available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes.
  • Low maintenance, easy-clean design for increased practicality.
  • Superior quality for improved performance.
  • Cost effective protection for your home to offer you lasting quality.
  • Insulating properties to increase thermal efficiency.
  • Durable materials to increase lifespan for your peace of mind.

Guaranteed Lifespan

To make sure that your home benefits from the highest levels of protection and visual appeal, our uPVC cladding comes with a 10-year guarantee!


Woodgrain Finishes

We can offer textured uPVC cladding that provides an authentic timber aesthetic, without requiring the same demanding maintenance headaches.


Professional Installation

Our expert team will ensure that the installation process is as quick, efficient and hassle-free as possible for you to make the whole process smooth.

Versatile and Practical Style

Our cladding provides your home with protection from the elements and enhanced visual appeal. It shelters your brickwork from exposure to wind and rain, which can cause damage over time. It also equips your home with increased insulation, by creating another layer and a pocket of trapped air, which helps to retain heat. These benefits can help keep you and your home warm, comfortable and protected from all types of weather.

We offer our cladding in a variety of styles, including shiplap, open v joint and textured designs. You can also choose from an extensive range of attractive colours and finishes. We can even offer a choice of woodgrain foils that give you the authentic appearance of traditional timber. This flexibility ensures that regardless of your property’s style and requirements, our uPVC cladding can protect and enhance the appearance of your home.

Our cladding is made from high-quality durable materials, which ensures it performs exceptionally well for many years. The colourfast outer skin on our uPVC cladding also means that its colour will not fade, chip or flake, ensuring a fantastic, long-lasting appearance. This longevity means that you can rest assured that this new addition to your home will benefit you for the foreseeable future, making it a worthwhile investment for both your time and your money.

Superior Service

From design, to manufacture, to installation, our uPVC cladding benefits from the highest professional standards at all stages, achieving the best possible level of form and function. The installation process will be made quick, efficient and simple, to ensure the perfect fit, while causing the least disruption to your daily life. This means that when you choose our uPVC cladding, you will be able to start enjoying the benefits in no time!

Our fantastic, FENSA registered customer service doesn’t stop once the installation process is over; we offer a 10-year guarantee on our uPVC cladding! This means that should it develop a fault and fail to reach our high standards of performance or appearance, we will repair or replace the affected part. This ensures that if something out of your control goes wrong, you can trust that we will be there to help.

One of the greatest benefits of uPVC cladding is the ability to quickly and easily transform the appearance of your home. This makes it a perfect method of renovating and rejuvenating a tried-looking property or creating a new, eye-catching look that better suits your taste. This is why we offer a range of colours, finishes and accessories to ensure a neat, attractive finish that adds visual appeal and value to your home.

Our uPVC cladding is available in many neutral shades such as white, grey and brown, which are sure to complement any home. We can also offer a beautiful light blue colour that creates a truly stunning feature. Our uPVC cladding is even available in a textured style and with a range of woodgrain foils, which replicate the appearance of authentic timber. This means that we can accommodate what you’re after.

We believe that simplicity and ease should be at the forefront of any design, which is why our uPVC cladding requires virtually no upkeep and is incredibly easy to maintain. It is not susceptible to the issues that face alternative materials, such as the rotting, warping and bowing that can damage timber. This means that it does not require treating or sanding to preserve its structural integrity.

Our uPVC cladding also doesn’t require significant effort to maintain its visual appeal because it does not need repeated painting or varnishing. Instead, a wipe-clean, colourfast coating means that our uPVC cladding is resistant to fading and only requires an occasional, easy clean to keep it looking as fresh as the day it was installed. This means that you can spend less time doing chores.

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Penicuik Testimonials

Happy customers

We're proud to have served thousands of customers, providing a professional service with a friendly touch.

Sarah Bennett

I had a front and back door fitted and couldn’t be happier with the work that had been done, they matched the exact design that I wanted too!

Josh Peters

Excellent customer service and even better product! Very happy with the process from start to finish, would recommend to anyone looking for a top quality product and company for a great price.

Daniella Pearson

Very happy with how smooth and easy the whole process was to get my windows and doors done. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great product all covered by a 10 year guarantee!

Mr Troup, Edinburgh

“We had a lady visit who obviously knew her stuff. She gave us a good presentation of the product. After listening to what she had to say, we decided to replace our windows with more modern ones.”

Mr Stevens, Glasgow

“It went very well, they were very very tidy. Now it’s much warmer, there are no draughts, everything is much quieter. It’s great.”

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