Three new additions to the meerkat family

Three new additions to the meerkat family

Hi everyone – and a very happy Friday to you all! Kenny is off to do a bit of fishing so I thought I would take over the blog this week. Hasn’t it been lovely to see a bit of sunshine now that spring is finally upon upon us? The flowers are blooming, the rain is staying away (for the most part) and I couldn’t be more excited for the latest goings on at Edinburgh Zoo!

I’m sure we all love to hear the pitter-patter of tiny toes at Edinburgh Zoo and this past month we got to welcome three meerkat pups to the family. Aren’t they just adorable? The lively pups have joined the troop of meerkats at Meerkat Plaza, situated at the entrance of Edinburgh Zoo, and are already settling in very well.

Andrew Laing, Carnivore Keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, said: “The meerkats are always a favourite with our visitors, so it’s wonderful to see some new additions to the group. At only four weeks old the pups are settling in well and their individual personalities are starting to show.

“Mum Queen and dad Ace are doing really well and are getting plenty of help from other members of the group to raise the pups as meerkats are actually cooperative breeders, which means that all adults within the group will help to care for the young.”

Love, Penny x