How to care for your garden in the summer heat

How to care for your garden in the summer heat

Spending time in the garden in the evening sun while enjoying a barbecue is a great way to relax after a busy day. But the flowers and plants in your garden may not be feeling quite so relaxed in the summer sun. The heat can very often be too much for them, drying them out before they reach their full potential. We’ve compiled some handy ideas to help you protect your garden in the heat.


During high temperatures, not having enough water to survive is one of the greatest dangers to your plants. Ensuring your soil maintains enough moisture is a top priority. Water can be lost from the soil in a number of ways. It may evaporate, runoff or be used by plants. To give your plants the best chance of survival, water them generously (make sure you don’t get water on the leaves, as this can burn them in the sun), ensure the surrounding area is free of weeds to avoid competition and remove dead flower heads before plants go to seed to save them from wasting valuable water on seed production.


Mulch helps to conserve the water around plant roots in two ways. Firstly, it helps to protect the soil from the suns heat and avoid evaporation of water. Secondly, it helps with weed prevention and keeps the soil cool which is great for plants that prefer lower temperatures.

Protective plants

Another great way to protect your plants from the summer heat is to plant other plants to shield them. A lovely option for this are sunflowers. Sunflowers create a great shade for more sensitive plants whilst brightening up your garden. Trees and shrubs are also a great option. They are great at providing shade for not only plants, but you too. Growing your shading plants in planters is a great way of ensuring you can move them to any part of your garden whenever and wherever they are needed.

Tropical crops

Choosing plants which benefit from a lot of Sun is a great way of keeping your garden looking fresh and colourful. Tomatoes and peppers are a great colourful option that are fun and easy to grow. Nothing tastes better on your barbecue burger than fresh salad you’ve grown yourself.

By combining these tips together you can get your garden summer ready and watch it flourish!

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