Top tips to keeping your house smelling great

Top tips to keeping your house smelling great

There is nothing better than walking into a beautifully clean and fresh smelling house. But with busy lifestyles, cooking smells and pets around the house, it’s not the easiest thing to achieve.

We’ve had a look at some handy tips that will have your house smelling amazing in minutes, and some of them are so simple!

Make a stove simmer

Add some citrus slices and herbs to some water and simmer together in a small saucepan to create a lovely fresh aroma. The heat causes the blended scent to filter around your rooms creating an instantly fresh smelling home. Why not try mixing different herbs and oils to create a personalised scent. Lavender and mint sounds like a lovely combination to try.

Scent filled jars

Similar to the stove simmer, placing simmering water and the ingredients of your choice in mason jars creates beautiful smelling pots of loveliness that you can place around your home. Cinnamon sticks and dried apple slices would be lovely for winter, but why not try citrus slices like lemon and lime for a lovely summery scent. You could even add some tissue paper and ribbon and create some beautiful and aromatic gifts.

Strategic candles

Candles may seem like an obvious way to make your home smell fresh, but clever placement can increase their efficiency. Placing them in your linen cupboard or anywhere you store fabrics and leaving them unlit, allows your towels, sheets and other fabrics to absorb their scent. You’ll get a lovely surprise every time you open the door and your linens will carry the aroma to every room you use them in…lovely!

Bring the outside, in

Indoor plants are a great way to keep your home smelling and looking fresh. They clean the air whilst offering pleasant fragrances too. Geraniums and eucalyptus are great options that smell lovely and look great too.

Turn on the oven

Nothing smells better than the aroma of warm baked goods. Bread baking in the oven or fruity cookies cooling are great ways to fill your house with a wonderful homely smell. Maybe more suited to the winter months, but you get the added bonus of a yummy treat after all that baking!

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