Top tips to keep your home secure this summer

Top tips to keep your home secure this summer

When the sun is shining and the birds are singing, we all love throwing the windows open to give the house a good air. But it is easy to get swept away with the beautiful weather and forget the importance of home security at this time of year. If your house is insecure, it is 5 times more likely to be burgled, so we’ve had a look at some great top tips to keep your home secure this summer. (1)

Windows and doors

Windows and doors are the primary source of entry for a burglar, whether they force the lock or walk straight in. (1) It seems obvious, but ensuring you keep all windows and doors locked at night and when you are out is a major way to keep burglars out. If you are out in the garden, we would even suggest locking windows and doors that aren’t visible to you as an extra safety measure. Regularly checking your doors and windows to ensure they are strong and have no damage to them is another way to keep them secure. Keep keys away from the front door to stop potential intruders from being able to access them through the letter box to gain entry to your house, garage or car.


Burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight, so keeping your property lit up is a great deterrent to anyone trying to access your home or garden. Installing motion activated security lights is a great way to light up the house when an intruder tries to get too close. Placing lights all around your house and adding some solar powered units to your garden to light up hiding places, is a great way to keep your home secure at night.

Tidy up the garden

Intruders will look for anyway to access your home, so keeping your garden clear of objects that may help them is a good starting point to keep them out. Make sure stools, ladders or anything else that could be used to stand on to gain entry through a window are stored away safely. Keeping shrubs, bushes and trees trimmed down is also a good idea to stop burglars being able to use them to gain access. Remember to keep all gates, sheds and other outbuildings locked when not in use. Ensuring your fence is in good condition is also a way to keep your property secure.

Set up a security system

Setting up a home security system can give you great peace of mind. There are some great systems that can be set up very easily and tailored to exactly what you need for your home. A system that will alert you when someone enters your home by sounding an alarm is sure to have the intruder running in the opposite direction. CCTV is also a great way to deter possible burglars.

Going on holiday

If you are off on holiday this summer, extra security measures are a good idea to stop any possible burglaries while you are away. Cancelling any regular deliveries to your home, like papers or milk, is a good idea to make it less obvious that the house is empty. Putting lights on a timer is a great idea to make your house look more occupied for a couple of hours each evening. Asking a neighbour to park their car in your drive or pop in and collect mail or open and close the curtains can deter an intruder if they are watching your property.

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