Unusual cleaning tips to upgrade your spring cleaning

Unusual cleaning tips to upgrade your spring cleaning

Spring is here and its time to brush away the cobwebs and get rid of the clutter. But forget your usual household cleaning habits. We’ve had a look at some great and unusual ways to get your house sparkling and smelling fresh without using any harsh chemicals or cleaning products.

The Bathroom

Shower doors are often the most difficult areas of the bathroom to get clean. So for those stubborn water marks, try cutting a lemon in half and rubbing it over the area for instant results. Lemons can also be used to descale your shower head. Fill a sandwich bag with warm water, vinegar and lemon and tie it around the shower nozzle. The mixture will work wonders and remove any dirt lingering in the tiny nozzles.

For hard to remove water marks in the toilet, pour some cola in the bowl and leave it for an hour before flushing away to a sparkling result.

Carpets and Flooring

For removing stubborn stains on the carpet, we’ve got a more unusual tip…use an iron! Place a damp cloth over the stained area and press the iron onto the cloth. Ensure the iron is set to high and the steam will break up the stain allowing you to simply wipe the area clean.

Another unusual one, use tea bags steeped in water to clean hardwood floors for an amazing shine.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is an area of the house that needs constant cleaning. Vinegar is a great solution to avoid using harsh chemicals in the kitchen. Putting a dishwasher safe container filled with vinegar on the top shelf of your dishwasher and running a full cycle, will leave it smelling fresh and fully disinfected. Similarly, putting a container of vinegar in the microwave for 5 minutes and allowing to cool will remove odours and allow for easy removal of any stains.

Vinegar is also great for cutting through tough grease and killing mould. Decanting some distilled or white vinegar into a spray bottle will make life much easier.

The freezer is an area we may often forget needs a clean every now and again. Adding some activated charcoal to the freezer helps to keep it fresh by eradicating nasty smells. Using a spitz of vinegar will also keep the freezer clean and smelling fresh.

The Bedroom

Bicarbonate of soda is another great tool to have in your cleaning cupboard. Covering your mattress with large amounts of bicarb and leaving for as long as possible before hoovering, is a great way to refresh and soak up any nasty odours. The longer you leave it, the more effective the result.

Are your towels or linens starting to loose their softness or smell not so fresh? Reach for your trusty vinegar and pop them in for a vinegar bubble bath. The vinegar will remove any mildew build up leaving them smelling fresh and feeling fluffy.

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