What is a Heat Only Boiler

What is a Heat Only Boiler

When it comes to replacing your boiler, it may seem like a daunting task as there are a number of different systems out there. If you live in an older property and the boiler system hasn’t been updated, it is most likely that you have a heat only boiler system installed. Heat only boilers are also known as ‘regular’, ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ boilers.

So, what is a heat only boiler?

A heat only boiler provides heat for radiators directly and produces hot water which is stored in a separate hot water cylinder. This cylinder is often kept in an airing cupboard.

The water required for the hot water cylinder is provided by a cold water cistern which is normally found in the loft above the boiler. The water for the central heating is circulated through the system, with a feed and expansion tank keeping the system topped up with water when any is lost through evaporation.

Is a heat only boiler suitable for me?

If you already have all of the equipment installed in your home – the hot water cylinder, feed and expansion tank, and water cistern – and want instantaneous hot water, a heat only boiler could be for you. Existing heat only boiler systems are easy to replace without too many pipework changes.

New installations of this system can be expensive due to the number of components required, but when installed it can provide large quantities of hot water – perfect for larger homes with a higher hot water demand.

To summarise, we would recommend a heat only boiler to anyone who already has the components installed in their home and is looking to upgrade their existing system. We also think this particular system would be perfect for larger homes with multiple bathrooms as hot water is instantaneous – something that Penny and I certainly need as she loves her bubble baths while I opt for a quick shower.

Love, Kenny x